A little update

Hiya everybody!!!

I thought I would just give you a petite update on how the show went 🙂

It went rather awesomely if I may say so myself 😀

I got to hang out with people that aren’t really in my friendship group, which was so much fun, and played lots and lots of footie 😀 (and managed not to get myself too badly injured this time, unlike last year!)

Unfortunately, Lilac was ill for the first 2 performances, which was devastating for her, but she came back for the final show on Friday. All the dancing and acting and singing was wonderful and I know have Post Show Blues, which end up with me staying in bed and eating lashings of chocolate Malt Easter Bunnies (shame)

Big shout out to Tara who did it with me, the lovely girlie that she is 🙂 (the karaoke was awesome!)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Mothers Day with your families ❤

Lots of love

Ginge xxx

(ps. I so almost accidentally posted my real name then!)


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