In my school, popularity is a very tricky thing. Like most other secondary schools, we have cliques.

There are:

‘The Populars’ (aka The Mascara Brigade as I used to call them!)- they are the ones invited to all the hard-core parties, all the ones who cheat on each others boyfriends, THOSE girls. There are boys within that group, and they are the posers who take the half-naked shower selfies, and go to the gym. They even call themselves ‘Gym Lads’, which really sums up their values (!)

We also have ‘The Wierdos’; these are the social outcasts, the ones who only take 5 GCSEs, those kids. They smoke, and are generally only friends with other people in their group.

‘The Normals’- these are the clever kids, the ones who don’t party too much, don’t drink, don’t smoke; just get on with life, getting good grades and dependable friends.

I just wonder: by the time we are adults, all of this will have changed. At school, worth is based on looks and popularity- how many likes you get on an instagram photo or how many friends you have on Facebook. But as soon as you step out into the real world, with jobs and university, your worth is based on your experience and intellect.

I literally cannot wait to be judged on my intelligence rather than how I look in a dress 😀

Love Ginge xxx

PS. I don’t mean to sound like a complete horrible person if you identify yourself in one of these groups 😉 live your life exactly how you please!

PPS. I am also waiting for the day that I see someone from the ‘Populars’ sweeping floors or whatever when I am a doctor or lawyer or something. Who’s laughing now 😉

Quick 2011 throwback 🙂


My dads brothers cousins daughter…

Do any of you have that one boy or girl who always links what we are doing in class to her/ his family?

For example, if we were discussing the NHS, this girl, lets call her H, would say ‘Miss! Miss! My mum’s cousin works for the NHS! She does BLAH BLAH BLAH’ then she will go on for hours about someone with no real connection to the subject, and none else has any real interest for. It is most infuriating.

It can’t just be me cursed with someone like her!?

There are audible groans whenever she does this, but she carries on anyway.

It is really just horrendous.

That is definitely one thing that I will not miss when I go on study leave, and go into A-levels 🙂

Much love

Ginge xxx