My dads brothers cousins daughter…

Do any of you have that one boy or girl who always links what we are doing in class to her/ his family?

For example, if we were discussing the NHS, this girl, lets call her H, would say ‘Miss! Miss! My mum’s cousin works for the NHS! She does BLAH BLAH BLAH’ then she will go on for hours about someone with no real connection to the subject, and none else has any real interest for. It is most infuriating.

It can’t just be me cursed with someone like her!?

There are audible groans whenever she does this, but she carries on anyway.

It is really just horrendous.

That is definitely one thing that I will not miss when I go on study leave, and go into A-levels ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love

Ginge xxx



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