Who’s who

So I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to work this, and my wonderful friend letters2emma and I came up with the idea of naming my friends with colours (in a history lesson, no less). So this is how it’s going to be:

Cobalt- my best friend- a lovely girl; arty, musical and all that sort of stuff

Claret- one of my best friends: she is getting really friendly with Cobalt and they seem to have lots in common. Sometimes she chooses her over me.

Flint- One of my best guy-friends; obsessed with films and political stuff, also 6′ something. He is like the BFG* 🙂

Lilac- my sister, aka my other best friend – also arty, brilliantly clever, and the best sister I could ever hope for

Boy- just some boyyy; a bit of an anomaly as he has no colour. Plot twist.

Mist- My ex; not much to say other than the fact he’s a massive idiot. We talk occasionally, and are still friends, but he broke up with me over Facebook after 4 months so I’m not his biggest fan.

Apricot- Another one of my best friends. He is lovely and very kind and caring.

more ‘characters’ to come!




*I hope you get my Roald Dahl reference there 😀


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